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HUBS: Transforming patient bathing

The market leading wipes are great applicators for CHG - but do they really clean your patients?  Where's the washing and rinsing?  The truth is that CHG wipes are not meant for general skin cleansing, and can leave the skin dirty and tacky.

We're happy to bring you a new option. When you combine our HIBI Universal Bathing System (HUBS) with HIBICLENS┬« and water, you get the antiseptic power of a proven 4% CHG solution AND all of the benefits of a bed bath, without the basin! 

HUBS Provides: 

  • Greater control over the patient bathing process
  • A convenient method for giving a therapeutic bath
  • Durable, yet gentle, disposable wash cloths 
  • A superior alternative to basins

Want to learn more or request a sample?

Check out this video to learn more about HUBS,
the HIBI Universal Bathing System 

Item No. Description Units/Case
59910 HIBI Universal Bathing System 48
57540 4 oz. bottle (with foam pump) 24
57516 16 oz. bottle (with foam pump) 12
Product Ordering Information
HIBI® Universal Bathing System
  • Package contains 10 dry, soft cloths
  • Open the pack
  • Add 16-20 oz. warm water
  • Re-close and massage pack to wet all cloths
  • Bathe and rinse patient per facility protocol