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Avance® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Introducing Avance® NPWT System


Maximizes the benefits of NPWT while minimizing pain and trauma

Avance NPWT system with Safetac® technology is clinically proven to minimize unnecessary patient pain and stress.1


  • Safetac technology is unique proprietary technology exclusive to Mölnlycke. Dressings with Safetac technology are atraumatic upon removal.2 These dressings minimize trauma to the wound and the surrounding skin, which reduces pain to the patient. The risk of maceration is lessened by sealing the wound margins and high MVTR.3
  • To learn more about the effects of pain and stress on treatment outcomes CLICK HERE

NPWT dressing portfolio that includes Safetac technology – designed to minimize patient suffering

  • Avance Foam dressing kits including Avance Film with Safetac technology

Improved Patient Comfort

  • Prevents skin stripping at dressing changes4
  • Prevents blistering5
  • Re-positionable
  • Minimizes pain at dressing changes6
  • Prevents maceration that can cause damage to periwound area6, 7

To cover all patient needs, Avance Foam dressing kits are available in multiple sizes and can also be provided with Avance Transparent Film (acrylic adhesive).

Additional Kits Available

  • Avance Gauze
  • Avance Abdominal
  • Avance Extra Large Foam

To view our complete NPWT Portfolio CLICK HERE

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